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  • 6th World Championship - women category, single games
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  • 6th World Championship - double women
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  • International Polish Championship in Ringo

Ringo at the XV World Summer Games Polonia

Created: Tuesday, 02 August 2011

Olympics World Polonia is for Poles living abroad, the most important sporting event. These involve the Polish players living in other countries, representing the State in which they settled. The competition takes place in many sports one of them is a ringo.

The first day of the fifteenth World Summer Games Polonia played ringo tournament at the Olympic Stadium in Wroclaw. Stars of the competition (ringo stars) were Gennady, Greta, New Year's Eve Baranowiczowie who won the competition - three families. Members of the Lithuanian Poles also won medals in individual competitions. Greta and Sylvester won in their categories, in turn, Gennady was second.


Medalists in the age categories:


to 18 years - 1. Greta Baranowicz (Lithuania ); 2. Klaudia Kulmacz (USA); 3. Anna Nesterenko (Russia);

19-35 years - 1. Ewelina Więckiewicz (Lithuania ); 2. Inna Karanik (Russia); 3. Olena Sagaydachna (Ukraine);

36-50 years  - 1. Renata Mrozek (Czechy); 2. Elena Tumas (Russia); 3. Nina Mateszczuk (Ukraine);    

+50 years - 1. Maria Szramek (Canada); 2. Maria Pivovarska (Ukraine); 3. Urszula Bogdanova (Bulgaria).


to 30 years - 1. Sylwester Baranowicz (Lithuania ); 2. Oleksii Kyrylenko (Ukraine); 3. Pawel Swarabowicz (Belarus);

31-56 years - 1. Andrzej Więckiewicz (Lithuania ); 2. Gienadij Baranowicz (Lithuania ); 3. Walerij Koczan (Lithuania );