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  • 6th World Championship - women category, single games
  • 6th World Championship - men category, single games
  • 6th World Championship - double women
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  • 7th World Championship - men category, single games
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6th World Championship in Ringo - Newsletter #5

Created: Wednesday, 04 July 2018


International Ringo Federation,

World Tenniquoits Federation members,

Ringo and Ringtennis Sportsmen, Managers, Coaches, Amateurs,


Sharing with you more information about upcoming Ringo and Ringtennis WCs.


The following countries has confirmed participation already:

  1. Belarus - Hosting nation
  2. Kenya - 6 delegates
  3. Germany - 23 delegates
  4. South Africa - 35 delegates
  5. Russia - 2 delegates
  6. USA - 1 delegate

Also we are on the finish line with the following teams to receive delegation list: India (~24 delegates) and Poland (~15 delegates). Quite possible to get confirmation also from Lithuania and The Netherlands. It looks like we can have 10 nations participating in the World Cups!


We have received the final list of available rooms at sport complex for WC dates. All delegates will be accommodated within 2-/3-/5-person rooms with toilet/shower in the room. Majority of the rooms will be 2-/3-person ones. See sport complex map below (hotels are in yellow, sport hall - blue, food court - red). All the buildings are within 5-7 minutes walk.


For all the accommodating dates the delegates will be supplied with 3 times hot meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). All the participants will be served with the same dishes every day. In advance teams can notify us on the food exceptions for entire team or some individuals. Local food court can supply vegetarian, no-fish, no-port dishes. Please, understand - we can not serve each delegate with unique meals, but we can try to avoid some individual items.    

Participant fee

We can state the participants fee now. It will not differ from announced before. Each participant should pay 300 EUR per stay plus 10 EUR registration fee. Total amount of 310 EUR includes accommodation from 31st July till 9th August 2018 with full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner). 10 EUR is governmental fee for the foreigner registration. Each foreign person in Belarus in case of stay over 5 days should be registered within the local migration office. As soon as we check-in the hotel, they will do this by themselves, we just need to pay 10 EUR fee. We were hoping before that government will increase amount of days after which foreigner must register himself from 5 to 15 (it was announced last year). But unfortunately it will take place only by the end of 2018, thus during our tournament delegates will need to pay registration fee.

Extra stay

Keep in mind that 31st July is planed as arrival day and 9th August as departure day. Some teams already booked the tickets and shared with me itinerary. It is fine to come earlier or departure later (1,2 days) - complex has enough rooms for this (checked already). The only one notice: extra stay should be paid additionally. Participants fee includes only accommodation and full board from 31st July to 9th August 2018. In case team is staying more, please expect 1 extra day at around 35-40 EUR (accommodation + full board). We will work with each team individually for the extra stay days.


Please, bring the participant fee with you in cash (EUR or corresponding sum in USD). You can exchange money easily in airport. Rates are very fair. In Belarus banks are not allowed to deviate currency exchange rates for more than 2% from national bank rates plus no commissions allowed. Thus feel free to exchange money in any bank department. Once the sum is exchanged - delegation representative will visit local sport complex cashier and make a payment. Do not worry, we will assist you during entire flow.

Sport Complex Facilities

Olympic Sport Complex offers variety of facilities for accommodating delegates. It includes cloth washing (4$ per 6kg), Sauna (8$ per person per 2h), medical sport recovery programs if needed. Please, inform us if you are interested in any of this. We will arrange.


Please, find below official logo of the Ringo and Tenniquoits World Championships.