7th Ringo World Championships

Created: Sunday, 18 August 2019

On August 16-18, 2019, the 7th Ringo World Championships took place in Niepołomice. The best representatives of Poland, Belarus and the Czech Republic took part in the competition. On the first day, participants fiercely competed in individual and doubles categories.

On the second day of the 7th World Championships in Ringo, they competed in mixed games. 12 mixed pairs joined the competition. Looking at the duels at the city stadium in Niepołomice, we can safely say that the participants of the championship played at the highest level, their game was amazing, there was something to look at and cheer on.

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Official results in individual categories of the 7th World Championships in Ringo

1. Trawczyńska Ada - Poland
2. Michalina Kunecka - Poland
3. Kutasova Natalia - Belarus
4. Rewers Magda - Poland
5. Paszko Adrianna - Poland
6. Wangryn Monika - Poland

1. Teklak Andrzej - Poland
2. Dominik Trawczyński - Poland
3. Cezary Godlewski - Poland
4. Krzysztof Szajek - Poland
5. Chuduk Viacheslav - Belarus
6. Cygal Michał - Poland

Doubles women
1. Trawczyńska Ada, Paszko Adrianna - Poland
2. Kutasova Natalia, Siamashka Tatsiana -  Belarus
3. Kunecka Michalina, Wangryn Monika - Poland

Doubles men

1. Majerski Grzegorz, Cygal Michał - PKS Jadwiga -Kraków
2. Chuduk Pavel, Chuduk Viacheslav- - Belarus
3. Teklak Andrzej, Krzysztof Szajek- Poland

Mixed doubles

1. Chuduk Viacheslav, Kutasova Natalia - Belarus

2. Szajek Krzysztof, Trawczyńska Ada - Poland
3. Majerski Grzegorz, Kunecka Michalina - Poland
4. Pawlak Piotr, Paszko Adrianna Poland
5. Chuduk Pavel, Siamashła Tatsiana - Belarus
6. Trawczyński Dominik, Kłopotowska Agnieszka - Poland

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