XVIIth Memorial of Włodzimierz Strzyżewski in Ringo

Created: Saturday, 08 September 2018

XVIIth Memorial of Włodzimierz Strzyżewski in Ringo was played on September 8, 2018 at the GKS "Świt” stadium in Warsaw. The tournament was played in 12 individual age categories, three-mixed girls and boys up to 13 years and doubles of girls and boys to 16 years and mixed doubles in the open category.

Traditionally, the memorial was started by placing a bunch of flowers on the grave of Włodzimierz Strzyżewski, the unforgettable in our hearts, the creator of RINGO- only one the sole and truly Polish sports game FOR EVERYONE.

The competition gathered the top ringo players from Poland, Belarus and Lithuania, numerous appeared the oldest ringo player, many of them have already exceeded eighty years and presented great form on the fields and a joy of life.   Foto