6th World Championship

Created: Wednesday, 08 August 2018

On August 1 - 3, the 6th Ringo World Championship was held in Stayki, Belarus. The championships were attended by representatives of 9 countries: Belarus, the Czech Republic, India, Kenya, Germany, the USA, Poland, Russia, and South Africa.
On the first day of the Championships played in the Olympic Preparation Complex, the ringo players competed in individual games. Polish and Belarusian team presented themselves very well, placing at the top positions.

Women category - single games
1st place - Michalina Kunecka - Poland
2nd place - Monika Wangryn - Poland
3rd place - Paulina Wangryn - Poland

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Men category - single games
1st place - Pawel Chuduk - Belarus
2nd place - Paweł Wangryn - Poland
3rd place - Andrzej Teklak - Poland

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On the second day were played double games of women and men and mix doubles. The Polish national team made another successful performance by winning women's and mix doubles. In the men category a couple from Belarus won.

Double Women
1st place - Paulina Wangryn, Monika Wangryn - Poland
2nd place - Tatsiana Dzianisava, Ina Vilchynskaya - Belarus
3rd place - Michalina Kunecka, Izabela Kowalczyk - Poland

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Double Men
1st place - Chuduk Pavel, Chuduk Viachaslau - Belarus
2nd place - Andrzej Teklak, Grzegorz Majerski - Poland
3rd place - Dzianis Isaenka, Pavel Klimovich - Belarus

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1st place - Michalina Kunecka, Grzegorz Majerski- Poland
2nd place - Viachaslau Chuduk,/Ina Vilchynskaya - Belarus
3rd place - Pavel Chuduk/Tatiana Dzianisava Belarus

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On the third day during the 6th Ringo World Championships held at the Olympic Complex in Stayki- Belarus, the competition took place in a team tournament. Five teams joined the World Team Champion: Belarus, India, Germany, Poland and the Republic of South Africa. After all-day struggles, fierce and exciting duels, the hosts won: the Belarus team ahead of Poland, the third place was taken by the Indian team, the fourth place was taken by the team of Germany, fifth South Africa.

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After a one-day rest, which was dedicated to visiting Minsk and the immediate area and a short training in ringtennis, on August 5, the players competed in the Ringtennis World Championships. Ringtennis is game similar to ringo, played singly or doubly on a field similar to badminton dimensions, played with a rubber sponge ring.
The competition in Ringtenis was dominated by Germany, they won a set of medals in individual games for both women and men.

Single men:
1. Fabian Ziegler - Germany
2. Alexej Ermak - Germany
3. Timo Hufnagel - Germany

Single women:
1. Nicole Brose - Germany
2. Naëmi Singrün - Germany
3. Valerie Häßlich - Germany

On the second day of the ringtennis championships, double games of women and men were played. Gold and silver medals went to the representatives of Germany, bronze medals won South Africa.

Double Men:

1. Timo Hufnagel/Alexej Ermak Germany

2. Fabian Ziegler/Michael Kaiser Germany

3. Justin Kokott/Theunis de Bruin South Africa


Double Women

1. Nicole Brose /Naemi Singrün Germany

2. Michaela Güthling/Maria Voss Germany)

3. Yolanda Freitag/Bronwin Ogilvie South Africa


On the third day of the championship in rigtennis, mixed games were played, which were also dominated by German representatives.


1. Timo Hufnagel / Michaela Güthling, Germany
2. Maksymiliana / Tatjana Schutte, Germany
3. Richter van Tonder / Bronwin Ogilvie, South Africa

On the last day, all players competed for the title of team champion. For the third time in a row the title was won by the German team in front of the Republic of South Africa, the third place was taken by the Indian team, in the fourth place Belarus, the fifth place was taken by Poland.

Medal table. Ringo and Ring Tennis World Championships 2018 in Minsk (Belarus)                           

Rang Nation  Gold Silber    Bronze Medaillen Teilnehmer*
1 Deutschland 6 5 2 13 23
2 Poland 3 4 3 10 11
3 Belarus 3 2 2 7 Organizer
4 Sudafrika 0 1 3 4 35
5 India 0 0 2 2 25
6 Kenia 0 0 0 0 4
7 Russland 0 0 0 0 2
8 Czech Republic 0 0 0 0 1
9 USA 0 0 0 0 1