International Championship of Belarus in Ringo

Created: Saturday, 18 May 2013

ringoInternational Championship of Belarus in Ringo played 18th May in Braslaw in Belarus. In the competition next to the hosts competed Polish junior national team.

The results:

Women’s open category
1.WangrynPaulina (Poland)
2.Kutasova Natalia (Belarus)
3.Vilchinskaya Another (Belarus)
Men's open category
1.Konon Andrew (Belarus)
2.Chuduk Paul (Belarus)
3.Chuduk Slava (Belarus)
Women’s doubles
1.Genova Alexander / WangrynPaulina (Belarus / Poland)
2.Kutasova Natalia / Kozyrevskaya Maria (Belarus)
3.Vilchinskaya / Rakov Agatha (Belarus)

Man’s doubles
1.Chuduk Vyacheslav / Chuduk Paul (Belarus)
2.Blah Peter / Wangryn Paul (Poland)
3.Yaruta Ihor / Conon Andrew (Belarus)