Fifth World Olympic Games and Sports for All

Created: Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Between 5 to 11 July in the Lithuanian city Siauliai took place the Fifth World Olympic Games and Sports for All, organized by the World Organization Sport for All (TAFISA), together with UNESCO under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Poland was represented by a delegation of the Polish Society of Ringo composed: Paulina Latosiak, Paulina Wangryn, Mateusz Błach, Jakub Brzeski, Patryk Janicki, Piotr  Pawlak, Mariusz Wangryn, who presented the Polish sports game - Ringo.

The main objective of the Games is mainly to extend public knowledge of the cultural importance of traditional games coming from various regions and to encourage people to be active in the field of physical culture. The purpose of the Organizing Committee of Olympic Games is the inclusion of non-Olympic, traditional sports which allows you to increase and strengthen public awareness of ethnic differences. Exposing the cultural heritage of different countries / nations opposed to spreading the world of globalization and commercialization.

The World Festival of Traditional Games in Siuliai attended by more than seven thousand representatives from 62 countries from all continents and more than 100 thousand. viewers from Lithuania and abroad.

The presented games were part of national culture from which and the manner of its expression. Olympics was also accompanied by cultural and scientific.